Getting Ready for the Holidays with the Cornwall and Area Chamber of Commerce

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With Holidays around the corner, we are all excited to celebrate! This year more than ever, because 2020 has been hard for all of us. To help everyone get in the Holiday Spirit, the Cornwall and Area Chamber of Commerce is doing a new series “Getting Ready for Holidays with the Cornwall and Area Chamber of Commerce”! Where we’re going to post do it yourself (DIY) projects to get ready for the Holiday season. We reached out to different businesses and organizations for these projects. The DIY projects range from decorations to treats.

Marlin Orchard’s How To Create Your Own Urn Arrangement

Alexandra Winters, from Marlin Orchard and Garden Centre, holding Urn Arrangement

Now that it is colder, most of us are decorating with evergreen in and outside our homes. For this segment, we will show you how to create your own Urn Arrangement, just like Marlin Orchard!

Special thanks to Alexandra Winters from Marlin Orchard for showing us how to make these beautiful arrangements!

What You Need:

• Pot (Deep enough to stick the branches in approximately 2 inches deep).
• Black Dirt
• Pine Branches
• Cedar Branches
• Balsam fir Branches
• Box Wood Twigs
• BC Cedar Twigs
• Incense Cedar Twigs
• Red Twig
• Dog Wood

• Pinecone
• Fake Winter Berries

How to Make It:

Second step of Urn arrangement.
  1. The first step is to fill the pot with dirt.
  1. Then it’s time to start filling the pot with greenery!

Don’t worry if you have no experience with arrangements. Just start to do it and let your creativity take over from there! You can make adjustments to it later.

Start with by pushing some of the pine branches into the dirt as a base. Then add cedar and balsam fir branches to the pot. The mix of evergreen branches adds texture to the arrangement and will start making it look fuller.

  1. Next, add twigs to the arrangement, such as redwood, dogwood, BC cedar, incense wood, and boxwood.

*Note: You can use regular twigs that you can find in your backyard, but the ones listed will add colour to your arrangement*

The twigs add colour and height to your arrangement.

Finished Urn Arrangement
  1. Then it’s time to decorate! Marlin Orchard and Garden Centre use Pinecones and fake winter berries to decorate their urns, but you can use gift bows, ribbons, stars, and whatever else you want!
  1. The final step is to add water to the soil. This is important because it will keep the evergreen in your arrangement fresh, and when it freezes, everything will stay in place.

Addtional Information

Want an urn arrangement to decorate your home for the holidays, but don’t have time to make it? Order it on Marlin Orchard’s website. The cost of the urn is 59.99. You can also order a welcome sign arrangement or a tabletop reindeer arrangement.

Welcome sign arrangments from Marlin Orchard and Garden Centre

Garden Centre that Sell Supplies

Marlin Orchard and Garden Centre
Home Depot Cornwall


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