Sheep’s Head adapts to the “New Normal”

by | Oct 28, 2020 | Story

Sheep Head Bistro, owned by Rizwan Mustafa, is a modern restaurant that focuses on high quality. Before COVID-19, they were a dine-in only restaurant that served a specific clientele, but this changed during the pandemic.

When restaurants were closed in March due to the pandemic, Rizwan began researching how other restaurants had adapted their procedures to continue to offer their meals to the public. Specifically, Rizwan examined how restaurants in Europe had adapted. His answer was takeout.  Working alongside his Executive Chef, they quickly started working out menu items that would transport well to consumers’ homes and be cheaper in pricing to open up to a broader market.  They also had to figure out how to keep their food high quality. When they were ready, they started posting on Social Media to spread the word.

From there, to keep their consumers’ interest, they decided to change the menu options every few weeks. They went from Italian-style dinner for two to a Chinese food combo a couple of weeks later. Week after week, they saw an increase in people coming to try their unique menu options. 

Later, as businesses started re-opening, Sheep Head Bistro received permission to open a patio for the first time. Today, Sheep’s Head Bistro is proud to offer all three options; dine-in, patio dining, and takeout for those still cautious about dining out.


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